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Southland Aquatics

USA’s top supplier of extraordinary fish to the independent retailer since 1985.

World-wide shipping. 24 hour delivery. New varieties imported every week.

Superior Husbandry:
All species stocked and feeding and ready for display before we add to the stock list. Each of our 600 tanks are individually quarantined and each purchase is inspected under halogen light prior to bagging.

River to Store:
Fish come from a global network of breeders and collectors to our LAX warehouse. Our suppliers provide a sustainable economy in some the of Earths most threatened ecosystems. In fact, fresh water aquariums help the rainforests around the World!

Supporting Independents since 1985:
Our mission is to enable the independent pet store to offer fish that cannot be found in national chains, and common fish at a superior grade and a competitive price.

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